The TypewriterGirls

Alternative Comedy Showcase


The TypewriterGirls will be performing a collage-work of their best sketches on November 10th at the Brillobox. Be sure to be there. This is what Lady Gab has to say about the night:

typewritergirl Crystal swings from the brillobos sign in enthusiastic anticipation of this event

typewritergirl Crystal swings from the brillobox sign in enthusiastic anticipation of this event

the only true, alternative comedy room in “da burgh”. do you think i’m playing witchu, homey? i’s for real on this shit. what?

great freaking comics this month: the typewriter girls, sean collier, eric donaldson, stoopid, susie meister, maybe, not definitely, but perhaps my non-aborted son: michael shane bowser will stop by and do a guest spot. who else? who else? oh yeah… me/gab bonesso will be headlining fo show. johnny mac will be hosting fo show. oh, and the whole show is fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-free.

come early to catch a new night of storytelling before the comedy show called, “for real for real” with hosts robert isenberg and me/gab bonesso.

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