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April 27th, 2011
Poetry Cabaret Turned Attempted Revolution at the Gallery Crawl

Pittsburgh, PA–Spurred by impending budget cuts and inspired by the recent wave of protestfrom the Middle East to the Mid-West, the TypewriterGirls have decided to utilize theirprestigious position as performers at The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Gallery Crawl in theCultural District (Trust Arts Education Center, Peirce Studio, 805/807 Liberty Ave.) this April 29th from 6-9pm in order to ignite the artist-led revolution of their fantasies. They dream,once no longer chained by accessible funding to the arts, of packing city squares with banners of Expressionist paintings, stilt walkers with brightly colored megaphones, revolutionary chants endowed with the poetic flame, and modern dancers costumed like mythical beasts.

In order to bring this new revolutionary wave of protest into existence, they’ve gathered representatives from all of the artistic underclasses: avant-garde dancers, such as The PillowProject; circus performers, like Erin Carey of Zany Umbrella Circus, Some Kinda Circus Project, and some guy named Gary; musicians, both classically trained and not-quite, including Gordon Kirkwood, Emay and the TypewriterGirls-subsidized Dadaist Symphony; and, the very lowest of the low, poets, suchas Renee Alberts and Deena November, in order to express their grievances with everything from the devastation of our environment with fancy-schmancy new poison-ridden gas drilling techniques, to the catastrophic defense budget, to the gross under-representation of poets in Congress.

Three performances of this show will take place throughout the evening. During intermissionsthe TypewriterGirls will be composing personalized poems for audience members with musical accompaniment. As always, an exquisite corpse will be composed on typewriters throughout the event and will be performed periodically during the performance.

This just in: local artist Matty Freebles will be doing a live painting of the performance throughout the night!


Laura Lantz
Laura is fascinated by the relationships between play and discovery.  From ballet to martial arts, pole dance, and slack rope walking, she is constantly learning new things and looking to share the fun with others!  In January 2010, inspired by the variety of Pittsburgh-based circus arts groups, Laura joined with David Doyle and Stephanie Bercht to create a grassroots collaboration of local performers: Some Kinda Circus.

Stephanie Bercht
A crafty quirky individual at heart, Steph is a Brazilian who moved to the States to pursue her studies in arts and design. She got hooked by hooping during her studies in 2008. What seemed to be a small obsession with a child’s toy became a passion for play through movement and sharing of experiences. Together with David Doyle and Laura Lantz, they co-founded the Some Kinda Circus, designed to inspire and invigorate its audience through circus fun.

Starting with three tennis balls and a backpack, O’Ryan travelled for eight years gaining circus skills and a love for performance. Clowning at public markets, schools, orphanages and on street corners across the globe, his experiences have only added to his toolbox. Whether it is miming, juggling, acrobalance, sideshow, or just clowning around, O’Ryan is always happy to have it be part of Some Kinda Circus.

Gary Jackson
Becoming an artist has been a journey that has taken me through many times, places and worlds as I seek the truths inherent in life as I see it – a work in progress.
My career began in my younger years when I practiced a variety of visual and performing arts such as sculpture, painting, photography, dance and music. As I grew as a performance artist, my work gravitated toward a focus on the fire, circus and sideshow arts. My goal is to make people smile and help people of all ages remember what it is like to be young in a fast-paced world. Currently I can be
found working with artists from all over the world and as a performer with David Doyle Entertainment and teacher to those interested in maintaining and elevating the arts.


Renée Alberts listens to rivers and shortwave radio to create poetry, collage, sound and photography. Her poetry collection, No Water, came out in 2009, and her work has appeared inThe New Yinzer, Encyclopedia Destructica, Pittsburgh City Paper and Subtletea. She has given dozens of readings, including on WYEP’s Prosody, WRCT’s A Live Show, and as a 2001 and 2004 member of the Steel City Slam Team. She organizes numerous poetry and music events, including the CLP Sunday Poetry & Reading Series, for which she edited Natural Language: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Sunday Poetry and Reading Series Anthology. She posts writing and art at

Deena November graduated SUNY Binghamton in 2005 with a BA in Creative Writing, Poetry and received her MFA in Creative Writing, Poetry from Carlow University in April 2009. In 2005 she co-edited the anthology I JUST HOPE IT’S LETHAL: Poems of Sadness, Madness, and Joy for Houghton Mifflin. Her poems have also appeared in Pittsburgh City Paper, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Shaking Like a Mountain, Nerve Cowboy, Chiron Review, Keyhole Magazine and Warbler. She teaches the Writing of Poetry at Seton Hill University. Currently Deena teaches at Carlow University and lives in Pittsburgh’s North Side with her husband and dog.


The Pillow Project is an ever-evolving idea for creating new methods in multimedia choreography, jazz movement and conceptual performances. The resident artists of The Pillow Project are compelled to create relevant, contemporary work as our artistic expression of The Now. Through a fluid, collaborative process, our philosophy has become organically jazz:  synchronizing, contrasting and playing with the moment as we translate the music and physicality in acutely personal ways.
We are an experimental performing artist collective dedicated to igniting a unique cultural movement in Pittsburgh. Through our original performance-art happenings and multi-media installations, we articulate impassioned commentaries on the zeitgeist, ask fundamental questions.


Erika May is a formally trained multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter with an eclectic mix of edgy and deep music flecked with jazz, folk and various world influences. Soaring, lyrical melodies and emotionally driven performance create a dynamic experience of original music, traditional Sephardic songs, jazz standards, folk, and more.

Gordon Kirkwood is a classical and electroacoustic cellist with experimental tendencies. He also builds robots and plays with fire.

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